Football coaches are the forces behind the respective teams’ good playing skills, and without a good coach indisputably there wouldn’t be a good and successful team.

Despite not having any official professional organization or association governing the standards of football coaches in both American and English football, these coaches are indeed professionals in their jobs. They are important for these reasons;

• strengthen the unity among team members,

• bring up the positivism against mistakes done, and

• guide athletes in rules and regulations in the position of a learned professional

A football coach holds the responsibility of bringing his team together to work as a unit, and with good leadership skills, even lousy teamwork is never a problem.

At the same time, a coach encounters hundreds of mistakes from his athletes on daily basis, and positivism is the best way to keep going indeed.

Football coaches are there to instill this positivism in every member of the football team, not to give in to mistakes but to learn from them instead. At the same time, a coach is probably the most learned when it comes to rules and regulations, which are hardly remembered by athletes amidst their other training materials.

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