The football craze is everywhere around the globe, from Zimbabwe to China and England to America.

Fans just go crazy over the victories of their cherished teams, and this sometimes can even go far beyond control, as seen on TV. There can be many reasons as to why such reactions are involved, but as a whole, football is admittedly addictive.

Three of the main reasons behind such football craze among fans and fanatics would include:

• The openness of football as a sport,

• The involvement of fans in the match, and

• Possibly the release of a certain degree of chemical in the body that induces excitement

The main reason behind football’s success right from the 19th century is the game’s openness; for both the players and its fans. It’s a game where people come together in the release of their stress, and rules are played along merely to synchronize the substance in everyone.

Apart from that, unlike other games such as badminton and tennis, the crowd and its support are extremely important to the players, especially in regards to living audiences.

The game also somehow creates a closeness to its fans where scientists believe that there could be sudden inducement of exhilaration via bodily reactions; although when coupled with alcohol or extremism this by itself could be detrimental to health.

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