A wall is composed of a various number of bricks. Bricks are the building units, promising the wall stability, strength, and life. If a single brick deteriorates, there are chances the wall may fall, bringing down an entire structure. That is exactly what players are to a team.

They are the units the team is composed of, and the progress of the team as a whole is dependent upon the progress and performance of each individual. If a single player is out of form or incapable of scoring a good goal, it reflects upon the team as a whole.

That is why, in the FIFA World Cup, players are also ranked according to their performance and every move of theirs is taken into careful consideration, to offer honest statistical information to the World and bring out the positive and negative points of the players.

Pelé, the Brazilian footballer, also regarded as the best footballer of all time, has the credit of most championships and has had an App% of 67 percentile, in the tournaments of 1958, 1962, and 1970.

Pierre Littbarski and Lothar Matthäus from the German Football Team with App %’s of 86 and 76 percentiles respectively and Cafu and Pelé from the Brazilian Football Team with App%’s of 76 and 67 respectively have had the highest number of top-two finishes in the FIFA World Cup tournaments, conducted throughout the decades.

In the top three, six players of West Germany including Franz Beckenbauer and Miroslav Klose (App%’s of 95 and 90 respectively) have had the most finishes along with the Brazilian players, Cafu and Pelé with App%’s of 76 and 67 percentile respectively.

In the top four; eight players from West Germany that include Wolfgang Overath (Later, the President of 1. FC Köln, Franz Beckenbauer, Uwe Seeler, Miroslav Klose, Pierre Littbarski, Lothar Matthäus, Karl-Heinz Schnellinger, and Horst-Dieter Höttges with App%’s of 100, 95, 94, 90, 86, 76, 72 and 53 percentiles are included.

Also, Cafu, Rivelino, and Pelé from the Brazilian Football Team make the chart with 76, 75, and 67 appearance percentages respectively. A player from Germany/West Germany, Lothar Matthäus, the guy credited with playing the most World Cup matches and also the first FIFA World Player of the Year, dominates the chart of most finishes within the top eight with an App% of 81 percentile after the tournaments of 1982,1986,1990,1994 and 1998.

An overall observance of these rankings deduces that German and Brazilian players have dominated the football world, making their teams the all-rounder of success and progress in the FIFA World Cup tournaments ever since.

If every single player swears to give the best of his abilities in the FIFA World Cup, then the team will also perform remarkably and proficiently. The perseverance and hard work of these individuals made it possible for their nations to reach dominance and high levels of success in the football world as a whole, thus proving a model for all to follow.

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