The FA Cup is an English football Cup Tournament its full name is The Football Association Cup or The Football Association Challenge Cup. It is also the oldest Cup competition in the world.

The F.A Cup is a knockout competition and starts with 763 teams who gradually knocked out round after round until there is one team left. The semi-finals and final of the competition are played in Wembley in London. Manchester United has won it a record 11 times with Arsenal winning it 10 times.

Previous Winners – (1990-2011)

■ 2011- Manchester City

■ 2010- Chelsea

■ 2009- Portsmouth

■ 2008- Chelsea

■ 2007- Liverpool

■ 2006- Arsenal

■ 2005- Manchester United

■ 2004- Arsenal

■ 2003- Arsenal

■ 2002- Liverpool

■ 2001- Chelsea

■ 2000- Manchester United

■ 1999- Arsenal

■ 1998- Chelsea

■ 1997- Manchester United

■ 1996- Everton

■ 1995- Manchester United

■ 1994- Arsenal

■ 1993- Liverpool

■ 1992- Tottenham

■ 1991- Manchester United

■ 1990- Liverpool

Although the other club championships in European club football are more popular, the F.A. cup gains importance when some arch-rivals of football club world from the English Premier League face each other.

Thus although its popularity is lesser than the popularity of the European Champion’s League or Europa League it is still a very important tournament where many times top English clubs compete with each other.

Football fans in Europe love the thrill of watching tough club football matches. One reason for F.A. cup popularity is thus this factor, that it sometimes offers the most thrilling matches of the season to football lovers.

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