The 12th of May is also the anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale who is considered to be the founder of modern nursing. Every year, the International Council of Nurses produces a kit known as International Nurses’ Day Kit which contains materials of education for general masses.

This day is celebrated to honour the contributions that nurses make to the society. Each year this day is celebrated with a new theme, e.g. safe motherhood, environment, services to community, as well as topics related to community medicine too.

With the passage of time and awareness in the public, nowadays nursing is considered to be a noble profession in the third world countries; gone are the days when a nurse hides her profession and prefers to call herself as a midwife.

A doctor diagnoses and operates, whereas the rest of the matter has been put to the nurse: regular observations, reading and preparing charts, taking blood pressure, giving medicines and drips, changing bandages are some of her daily routine tasks. This noble profession not only puts a nurse to work as a next to a doctor but to a caretaker of the patient as well.

Nowadays nurses are also working with the poor to eradicate poverty, fighting and helping in creating awareness about AIDS. A professional and a well-trained, experienced nursing staff can give the first aid and can save lives of many people who are far away from the hospitals or cannot get the medical attention immediately, especially in casualties.

Hence, the aftermath of the nursing profession is that, it is not a celebration of just the 12th of May but of the thousands of days since the nursing has been originated as a profession, caring, helping and looking after the sick people and thus symbolizes the welfare of the human society.

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