Sunday or Sun day? Got confused? Well it sure is International Sun Day which is nothing like mythical religious event dating back to Greek time. It is a specialized event to have a conversation on relationship between Sun and the Earth.

The 3rd of May is known as the International Sun Day, a day in which the scientists from NASA briefly go through the research about the relation between the Sun and the Earth and their coordination. The Sun Day is organized annually by the International Solar Energy Society, Europe since 1994.

In 1978, the Sun day was inaugurated by the then United States President Jimmy Carter. It was specifically devoted to advocacy for solar power. The Sun Day is sponsored and organized by NASA.

This forum is also meant to educate and create awareness about the changing temperatures and weather conditions on earth with respect to the heat of the sun and approached also the March, Equinox; equinox means, as per the Longman dictionary, either of the two times in the year – March 21 and September 22 – when all places in the world have the day and the night of equal lengths.

This symposium also looks into other celestial events as solar eclipses, the transit of Venus, and the role of electromagnetic force in every day’s life, hence helping in predicting the future movements of the sun and the weather in the space.

Sun is the safest way to get energy; without polluting the environment. Sun provides the Earth 80 thousand billion kilowatt per second, which is more power than all the power stations in the world combined.

Did you enjoy reading about International Sun Day? Do keep this event in your mind next time and be part of the amazing chemistry that exists between the warm Sun and unpredictable Earth.

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