With the end of Sir Alex Ferguson’s 26-year-old tenure at Old Trafford, speculation was ripe as to who would inherit the most respectable managerial position and be the successor to the phenomena that Sir Alex has been.

Well, the answer to this was given by none other than Sir Alex himself when he named David Moyes, the present Everton manager as the person who would take up the reins of Manchester United after the great manager departs. In an official statement, the Manchester United club confirmed that Sir Alex Ferguson himself handpicked David Moyes for the job and has an immense belief and trust in the Everton manager.

Despite all the faith that the great Scot has upon Moyes, it is a debatable question whether he can indeed live up to the expectation that Manchester United fans have from him. Moreover, Moyes will be expected to match Sir Ferguson’s achievement and keep up the club name and stature.

Several football Pundits back the decision of making David Moyes the manager of the enthralling club with the belief that he is made of the same mettle as Ferguson. It is a fact that he has been responsible for the growth and development of Everton in the same manner as Sir Alex has been for Manchester United.

And with the infrastructure and players that Manchester United has to offer him, if they keep up the momentum and grandeur of success even after the departure of Sir Alex Ferguson and with David Moyes at the helm, it will not come as surprising.

At Everton, working with a stringent purse and very low finances, Moyes has been able to put together a team that shines with self-belief and confidence and finishes comfortably in the top 6. This shows the caliber and capability of the man.

David Moyes’ man-management skill and coaching are something that has become part of the folklore of Everton football and is regarded as the best in the whole of England. For 11 years, he has labored at Everton and built a legacy, almost similar to what Alex Ferguson has in Manchester United.

As such, Moyes is fully aware of what is expected of him when he arrives at Old Trafford this June. He has a charismatic charm about him and can handle his players like no other can. He was the one who gave a 16-year-old Wayne Rooney his big break at Everton and introduced a superb player to the world arena.

It is said that he sees things in his players and taps their maximum potential out of them. If he can do all this at Old Trafford with the likes of Van Persie and Michael Carrick, United can well be on their way to be the best not only in England but also in the whole of Europe.

His most highlighted moment of success was his miraculous performance of 2005 when Everton qualified for the Champions League. With the low-budget team that he had, this was a remarkable performance and one expects Moyes to fill in Sir Alex’s shoes through and through.

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