Football is a team game and it is played between two teams to score as many goals as possible to win the game. But, the game is not all about only scoring the goals and it also includes the art of dribbling, tackling as shooting the ball.

Some of the players have fantastic football skills and they become famous among the fans. But with fantastic football skills, some players also become famous due to their style off the ground.

Let us look at some of the stylish players of football.

1. David Beckham: This Englishman has the most number of fans following for his game of football as well as for his hairstyles and his clothing style. Beckham and his wife Victoria (who was a part of Spice Girls) are very famous for their lavish lifestyle. It is said that Victoria fell in love with David Beckham after he saw David Beckham’s stylish football game.

2. Gabriel Batistuta: This former Argentine footballer is also famous amongst his fans for his stylish lifestyle along with his impressive game. The mix of faithfulness and sex appeal made his heart-throb impression amongst Argentine and Italian women.

3. Paolo Maldini: Maldini is a former Italian footballer who has helped Italy in its best performances. Just like his father, Maldini was one of the best defenders of the soccer game and was also famous amongst his fan following for his stylish lifestyle.

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