Festivals and celebrations bring lots of happiness in the lives of people. Therefore, many nations have created more festivals in present era to get chances of staying happy with friends and family.

Some of the famous festivals that are being celebrated in different countries are given below:

Harbin Ice and Snow Festival

This festival is getting more popular among Chinese in all over the world. The incredible things are made from snow and ice. The lasers and lights are used to decorate Ice Castles and other objects. The festival starts from 5th January and ends at same date on February.

Sundace Film festival, Utah:

In the United States, it is the largest independent Film Festival. Hundreds of thousands of people buy tickets to watch their favorite short and length films.

Up Halley Aa Fire Festival, Scotland:

It is also known as Fire Festival that is being celebrated in Scotland from past few years. Burning of a replica Viking ship and flamboyant costumes, parties, tar barreling and torches made it a unique festival around the world.

Pingxi Lantern Festival, Taiwan:

This advanced festival is related to sending personal wishes on the sky through fire lanterns made with paper. People write one of their most desired wishes and release it into the sky through lantern. The floating lights and their amazing spectacles look quite attractive.

Cannes Film Festival, France:

The celebration of cinema is organized every year in Cannes Film Festival, Paris. The popular Film celebrities from all over the world are invited to this festival.

Frozen Dad Guy Days, Netherland:

This colorful festival is related to participate in events i.e. partying, parade, polar plunge and coffin race by dressing up like a frozen dead guy. Many people visit Netherlands only to enjoy this festival with friends and family.

Songkran Water Festival, Thailand:

In this festival, people throw water on each other through hoses, buckets and water guns. It is celebrated on the hottest day at the occasion of Thai New Year. People wear colorful and light dresses to enjoy it more. People who visit Thailand on New Year also celebrate and enjoy Songkran a lot.

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