December 31st the last day of the year is popularly known as New Year’s Eve. The day begins with a suppressed excitement as everyone waits eagerly for the year to end and the new one to begin.

Newspapers take out special editions in which a summary of the major happenings in all fields art, cinema, local and international politics is published. Television and radio discuss the main events, achievements and failures of the year.

As soon as the sunsets, a round of parties begins. Mostly families and friends get to together for dinners and recollect the past years events. Young people party and dance all night long. People generally make New Year resolutions though a large does not abide by them.

Some common resolutions are to quit smoking, give up alcohol, lose weight etc. The most common way worldwide to greet the New Year and to say farewell to the old one is a magnificent display of fireworks.

When it comes to fireworks at New Year’s Eve, Australia leads the rest of the world. It is also one of the few countries to welcome the New Year first because of its location and its time zone. The biggest display is held at the Sydney Harbor with the Sydney Harbor Bridge the main center.

It is theme oriented and the most watched fireworks display of the world. There are two shows one is held at 9:00 P.M and is known as the family show, it is on a small scale. The main event takes place when both hands of the clock join at 12 midnight to announce the arrival of the New Year. The show generally lasts 15 to 20 minutes and is followed by musical concerts.

In England, the biggest celebrations take place around the London Eye; the biggest Ferris Wheel of Europe. A spectacular display of fireworks is launched from the London Eye itself.

Each country has its own way to greet the New Year, the methods may vary the world over but the hope that the coming year brings prosperity, peace and love lingers in the heart of every human being.

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