The Champions League 2013–14 is the 59th term of Europe’s premier club football contest, and the 22nd season meanwhile it was re-titled from the European Champion Clubs’ Cup to UEFA Champions League.

The 2014 UEFA Champions league would be played among Real Madrid plus Atlético Madrid at Portugal, marking the first time in contest history that both qualifiers are from the identical city. Bayern Munich is the label holder, however, were removed in the semi-finals through Real Madrid.

For the first while, the clubs who capable of the group phase also qualified for the anew formed 2013–14 Youth League, a competition obtainable to players aged 19 or under.

In the qualifying rounds of UEFA Champions league plus the play-off round, teams were separated into seeded and unseeded groups founded on their 2013 UEFA club constants and then drawn into two-legged home-and-away draws. Teams from the similar association could not be drawn alongside each other.

The play-off round was divided into two distinct sections: one for winners and one for non-champs. The losing groups in both segments entered the 2013–14 Europa League group phase.

In the knockout stage, teams will play alongside each other above two legs on a home-plus-away basis, excluding the one-match final.

At last, we have 16 expert football clubs which have effectively qualified for the rotund of 16 of Champions League. All games of the Group phase are completed & currently round of 16 would begin from February 2014. Now draw of UEFA will choose which group will play their future match in the next round of champs’ league. Here we are sharing news around the draw dates of the Champions League competition.

All 16 teams are prepared to face their challengers in the round. These competent football clubs are Manchester United, Bayer Leverkusen, Manchester City, Real Madrid, Paris Saint Germain, Galatasaray,

Olympiacos, FC Schalke 04, Chelsea, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Borussia Dortmund, Barcelona Zenit FC, & AC Milan. Draw date of Champs league 2013-14 is 16th December 2013.

UEFA will conduct a draw whichever will decide which group will face in a subsequent round of UCL. The knockout stage round of the leg of UCL would begin from 18 February toward 26 February 2014. From 11 toward 19 March 2014, the 2nd leg of the Round of 16 champion’s league will be played.

In this context, the current Champs of Champions league Bayern Munich is still on the first spot of admirers favorite. They the hardest competitor of this season even they confronted loss in a previous match alongside English club Manchester City. In this draw, the clubs from a similar country cannot play alongside clubs of the same nation till the quarter-final phase.

Three Spanish clubs Barcelona, Atletico Madrid& Real Madrid are also some of the hardest competitors of this period. The English club Manchester United whichever is not performing fine in the Premier League is still in this competition with the Sky Blues and the gunners. The draw will be directed on 16 December 2014, until then you have to wait for that. Up till now, enjoy your domestic leagues.

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