Football World Cup takes 64 games among 4 groups to get one winner. Brazil, Germany Argentina, and Spain are the favorites but, as said by the Bet fair market, many others have a chance.

Brazil, Argentina, Germany, and Spain still have higher chances of winning the world cup football 2014. Uruguay and France might benefit from a tough group draw of these top four favorites of world cup football 2014. 

If Germany could win their group matches they should have the calmest route to the semifinal so they are possibly the safest bet with a chance of trading out at a later phase.

Spain is a strong contender but they were beaten 3-0 by Brazil in Confederations Cup plus if Spain fails to win in their group they will probably face Brazil in the 2nd Round.

Brazil and Argentina appear to have the easiest group stage matches and also have the benefit of playing in South America (Brazil has a lot of benefit of being the host country).

It would certainly be a close game however Brazil’s home benefit can’t be undervalued and it would take huge strength from any side to beat a football team such as Brazil playing at home at World Cup Finals. 


The recent international performance of Brazil is not up to the mark, however, the home factor adds a lot to Brazil’s chances. They have got a very convenient group draw plus if Brazil and Argentina both top their groups they’ll evade each other till the final. Brazil is so far the most successful football team in world cups, with 5 trophies under their belt out of 7 times they have reached the finals. In 2014, Brazil lost to Germany 7-1, a very humbling defeat, in the semi-finals. 


In recent world cups, Germany has performed at a level that is below par. In recent international tournaments, Germany has made it to the top 4 or top 8 in almost all cases. Their last world cup wins so far was in 1990. They were second place in 2002 and semi-finalists in two following contests, a feat matched at Euro 2012. This time around, Germany has a good chance of lifting the cup. Germany won the 2014 Football world cup very convincingly. 


Italy has over-performed as frequently as it has underachieved in recent times. They won the 2006 World Cup and also reached the final of Euro 2012 however they correspondingly came to the bottom-most of their group at the 2010 World Cup plus also were removed in the group phase of Euro 2004. It appears things have to fall precisely right for Italy to do fine and it has to be supposed that on paper Italy does not look probable to match their World Cup chances. Italy did not qualify for the 2018 world cup. 


Spain is the winner of the 2010 world cup football and the defending champion this time around. Spain has also won Euro 2012. Also, Spain is the number 1 ranked football team participating in this world cup. They had a good chance at lifting the cup but they were not very impressive after the knockout round started. Spain has a good chance of lifting the cup in 2018.


France was one of the main underperformers in recent major contests, World Cup 2006 has been the only contest since 2000 wherever France have made it to the knockout round. They have been removed at the group phase in 3 of their previous six contests. The presence of some star footballers however added to the chances of France lifting world cup football in 2014 but the dream did not materialize for France. In 2018, they have a good chance at winning the trophy.  


Argentina arguably has the best attack of any group in the world however in recent contests they have failed to come organized and play to their finest as a team. There are certain question marks over their defense however with the likes of Lionel Messi in the group Argentina is continually going to be a strength to reckon with. Argentina also has the benefit of playing in their home landmass so there will be a lot of support for them which will enhance Argentina’s World Cup victory chances. Argentina has a properly clear route to the semifinal. Their last world cup victory was in 1986. Argentina was one of the finalists in 2014, but they lost to Germany 1-0. They have a good chance of lifting the trophy in 2018 too.

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