The Brazilian football team has a glorious record in the Copa America tournament history. It’s the 3rd best team in the tournament and ranked as the 5th best team by FIFA ranking winning the football World Cup 5 times which to date is a record!!

The last decade in the World of Copa America was marked as the Era of the Brazilian football team securing the title for 8 times and also the last time champs, 11 times as runner-up, 7 times as second runner-up, and 3 times as 4th position.

Brazil has so far the best record, appearing in 387 matches and winning 315 of them. Like Argentina, Brazil also produced champions; let it be the invincible Pele or the dynamic duo of famous football player Ronaldo and Rivaldo or genius Zizinho all of them were simply unbeatable!!

The Argentinean football team is one of the top ten teams of the world and ranked at the 10th position by FIFA ranking. It is also a top football team in the Copa America football tournament with Uruguay.

It has a magnificent record in the history of Copa America with 38 appearances and winning the title 14 times with 12 times as runner-up, 4 times as 3rd position, and twice at 4th position. Argentina is one of those three countries which won the Copa America title consecutively the three times!!

No one can simply forget the splendid back to back the victory of 1991 and 1993 plotted by the mastermind and genius coach Alfio Basile. Argentina had always brought real talent into the limelight, from famous football player Diego Maradona to absolute class Lionel Messi; Argentinean football players were always been first-class players of their era. The most brilliant player after Diego Maradona was considered Gabriel Batistuta who holds a world record of making 56 goals!

That’s not all this team had not only gave a marvelous performance in Copa America but also in every FIFA World Cup, securing the title twice.

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