Dundee United football club has been consistent performers ever since it was founded around a century ago. They have performed exceptionally well at the national level and have been one of the only few teams that have been a constant threat to the likes of Rangers and Celtic.

Dundee United FC has won the SPL only once back in 1982-1983 but has regularly finished in the top half since then. Although their league performances may not have been exceptional the performance in the national cup tournaments has been phenomenal.

They have won the Scottish Cup twice and have been the runners up on seven different occasions. In the Scottish League Cup, Dundee United has been on the victory podium twice and has been the runners up on 4 separate instances.

But like every other European club, Dundee United FC have had their best season in 1986-1987 when they were the runners up in the UEFA Cup. They had a dream tournament that year but were just not lucky enough to win the tournament.

They also played in the Semi-Finals at the European Cup in 1983-1984 and have on numerous occasions won a lot of regional trophies as well. Dundee Football Club is a popular Scottish football club.

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