The 3rd of May has been celebrated as world’s Press Freedom Day. This freedom was given to the journalists as per the universal declaration of Human Rights, authorized and given to them by UN General Assembly in 1993.

The declaration says that the primary right of freedom to press is to search for, to get and give information and ideas through the means of any media and regardless of barriers.

Freedom of expression means that any reporter has the right to transparently deal with the story or the case in order to look into the case from all the sides and aspects.

Freedom of expression not only leads to the awareness of general public at large, but also to put the criminal or the guilty one to the deserving punishment.

Freedom of expression does not leave any influential body or celebrity undercover, hence a person on higher position or a man from the general masses can be put as an open book in front of the media through which he can be seen by the whole nation and internationally, hence the first punishment which a criminal or a wrong doer gets is DEFAMATION.

By giving freedom to journalists, their lives are safe because it becomes the duty of the journalist to put the story in front of the masses; hence a journalist can perform his or her duty honestly and the life cannot be endangered as it was before this law.

Where freedom is given to journalists, in the same time, the journalists also consider the two main points in their mind:

1. Not to create hype.

2. Privacy of celebrities (not in the sense of defaming them and thus catering the public to their respective media means at large.)

Thus freedom of press is, in actuality, a symbol of a well-educated and sophisticated human society.

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