Do you know that why Brazil holds first place in the FIFA rankings in 2010? They have been retaining their position in the top ten since they have been playing.

It is their persistent performance that has enabled them to retain their position so comprehensively. Brazil is a team that holds the most records in FIFA history.

Here is a quick look into their most prominent records in FIFA till now:

• Brazil is the only country which appeared in all the World Cup of football (19 times)

• It is the only team which won the most championships (5 times)

• Brazil has made it to the finals 7 times which makes them the only team along with Germany to have this record.

• Brazil has won the most matches. (64)

• This team has scored the most number of goals in FIFA (201)

• Brazil is the only team that has the most wins record in one tournament (7 times)

• Brazilian player Pele is the only player to appear in most championships ( 3 times)

• Brazilian player Denilson is the only substitute who has appeared the most in World Cup

• The youngest player to play the final of the FIFA world cup, Pele is also from Brazil

• Pele and Vava are the only players to score the most goals (3) in all the final matches

• Ronaldo is the only player who in most of the matches in the world cup has scored at least one goal (11) (1998-2006)

• Pele from the Brazilian team is the youngest player to score a goal in World Cup

• Pele is the youngest player who scored the hat-trick in the world cup

• Pele again is the youngest player who scored the goal in the final of the 1958 world cup.

So much Brazil owns in football, doesn’t it? No wonder the legends are being made in this team. It’s already a legendary Brazilian team!

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