There are various religions in the world which have their own set of beliefs and values. Each religion has a series of religious festivals which are celebrated by the followers of a certain faith.

Here you will come to know about the famous religious festivals which are celebrated in Africa.

Festivals from Ghana and Mali

Next in line is Aboakyir Festival which is commemorated in Ghana. This festival is a religious event that has its basis in Sudan Empire. The festival began when two brothers were ordained by a priest to sacrifice a Royal member for God each year.

The Festival of Niger is an interesting religious event full of spiritual dance and music. Also, the locals get a chance to present their artistic skills in the form of art and crafts.

Nigerian, Ethiopian and Ivory Coast’s religious festivals

Durbar festival is rejoiced in Nigeria to commemorate the religious ceremonies of Muslims. These ceremonies are the two Eid events by Muslims namely Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha. In Ivory Coast, the people commemorate a night event to drive evil spirits away.

This festival, namely Fete du Dipri ends at day after a whole night of trance. Ethiopians cherish their religious festival tour in a dramatic manner in Ethiopia Religious Festival. The people in Ethiopia also commemorate the festival of Christmas and Timket with zeal and zest.

African religious festivals from Morocco and Ethiopia

In Morocco, a religious event for all the religions is commemorated. Here the spiritual music is played to show regard for all the religions of the world. It is named Fes Sacred Music Festival and is a highly visited African religious event.

Meskal Festival is commemorated in Ethiopia in memory of the finding of True Cross. The Ethiopians also celebrate another religious event in Axum. It is an event of pilgrimage by thousands of visitors each year.

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