Let us have a look on the famous religious festivals that are celebrated in different religions of the world in September.

Hindu festivals

In the month of September, the Hindus commemorate the birth of Lord Ganesh. A huge colorful festival is organized to pay homage to Lord Ganesh. The people gather together to dip the big statue made up of clay representing Lord Ganesh. It is done to ensure that the sins of the mankind are ended as the statue is drowned in water.

Sikh and Christian festivals

The Sikhs celebrate the reading ceremony of Aadh Granth. It is a stone with sculpture that is installed in a temple in India. The festival involves reading the sculptured stone by Sikhs. The Christians commemorate the festivals of Michael and All Angels and Nativity of Virgin Mary during this month.

Jewish festivals

The Jews celebrate their religious festival by the name of Rosh Hashanah. This festival is of special importance because of the fact that the Jews repent for their sins at this time. The people flock together to sincerely ask for forgiveness for all of their bad deeds in the previous year.

Another Jewish ceremony that is commemorated in September is Day of Atonement. This day is considered the most holy among Jews. This day also is an event for repentance from sins for all Jews. The people also fast during this day.

Religious Festivals of October

The people belonging to different religions of the world have interesting and auspicious festivals each year. In October, the followers of different religions have following religious festivals:

Muslim festival

The Muslims all over the world celebrate Eid-ul-Azha in the respective Islamic month comparable to October. The people join together to meet each other and pay Eid greetings to each other. They offer sacrifice of an animal like goat, buffalo or camel to Allah at this occasion. The meat of the sacrificed animal is distributed among the poor. Also a portion of the meat is given to one’s relatives.

Jewish festivals

It is a Jewish festival which is marked by the remembrance of an event. The event is related to the time when the Jews were captured in wilderness. The people build temporary huts and cover the roofs of the huts with leaf branches.

Another religious festival called Hoshana Rabbah is also organized in this month. This festival is considered important because it cause the people to get their destinies formed. Simchat Torah, another Jewish festival is commemorated to signify the completion of the reading cycle of Torah.

Hindu festivals

Hindus celebrate Navaratri festival to represent the success of goodness over evil. Durgapuja is also arranged to worship Durga goddess. Another festival known as Dasera is organized to act out the triumph of Rama over Ramyan.

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