The city of Aguascalientes in Mexico celebrates the San Marcos Fair every year in April. The festival lasts for three weeks, starting from the second week of April till the first week of May.

Originated as a grape harvest celebration in the 1800s, the Fair has evolved into a frenzy of activities. The venue of the fair is the San Marcos Park constructed on the site donated by the church.

A beautiful pink stone balustrade was built outside the San Marcos Park in 1842 which has been preserved well by the locals and has retained much of its previous glory.

The main attractions of the festival are cockfights and the Mexican style bullfights. These are followed by concerts held by pop stars. Although gambling is illegal in Mexico, during these three weeks long festival, you can gamble in a casino downtown Aguascalientes.

There are also various stalls which sell edibles, toys, and handicrafts. You can even get your fortune told at the fair. Games both for kids and adults also attract many people. No festival is complete without a beauty pageant and the San Marcos Fair is no exception; here too, you will find a fair maiden crowned as the “Queen of the Fair”.

Feria Nacional de San Marcos attracts around seven million people every year. The locals rent out their houses and go for vacations as the hotels start to fill up.

Spectacular parades, showcasing the culture of the city, are also a part of this festival. It is also the time to honor the youth and the ceremony for the National Award for Youth Art also takes place during the fair.

Other events include a livestock fair and charades, the Mexican rodeo. The Fair attracts a large number of people from Mexico and abroad.

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