The seasonal festivals are enjoyed all over the world. The people cherish the advent of new season or rejoice some seasonal event in Australia too. Some festivals are full of art works and invite great artists from the country.

However, there are some festivals rich in music and dance. Also, there is nothing short of events like food festivals here too. The lovers of movies are also here in abundance.

There are various seasonal events that are commemorated in Australia every year. The famous festivals include Whaleshark Festival, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Strawberry Fields, and Eclipse Festival and Subsonic festivals.

Let me describe each event one by one. The whaleshark festival, as the name indicates is about shark displays in big aquariums. The people, especially crazy about sharks, spend time here to see sharks. It has an important role in the protection of marine life.

The Rainbow Serpent Festival is a celebration of multiple art displays under one roof. This event is also full of musical events that keep you humming throughout. Another interesting and unique festival of Australia is Eclipse Festival. The people gather to witness the event of eclipse with their loved ones.

Seasonal Festivals of Africa

African Summer Festivals

African Summer Festival is one of the exciting and long-awaited events. It is in general an adventurous event full of art, music, food and interesting activities. You can have tasty meals there cooked among the beating of drums.

You can also witness daring acrobats here to enjoy yourself during the festival. If you are interested in flying kites, why not enjoy this summer with Cape Town International Kite festival? Take your families along to spend a beautiful evening in Cape Town.

African Carnivals and Wine Festivals

If seeking fun at its extreme, Cape Town Minstrel Carnival is absolutely the right choice for you. It is the only festival that covers all sorts of entertainment under one roof. You have no reason to not attend this African seasonal festival.

In South Africa, you can have the taste of extremely best-tasted wines at a peculiar event. This festival; Wellington Wine Harvest, is probably the great opportunity for the local dwellers to have good time.

African Floral events

Flora Egypt Fair is definitely a must-visit for flower-lovers. The festival has a huge business value as well. When the people from other countries attend this festival, they look for new opportunities to initiate their businesses.

On the whole, it is a treat to view beautiful flowers here. In Mauritius too, an interesting festival is commemorated to entertain African people. Chinese New Year is celebrated here to cherish the New Year.

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