Festivals are celebrated throughout the world with great enthusiasm. They are a source of entertainment and fun for billions of people around the world. We are going to share with you a brief description of some important festivals of December.

Enjoy the delights of December among fun festivals in various parts of the world. The festivals vary in their nature and purpose but the overall aim is similar; to bring unlimited entertainment. So, get ready to have a tour in the region of your choice to participate in amazing December seasonal festivals.

Christmas Festivals

As you know, December is the month in which the birthday of Jesus Christ is celebrated. Therefore, you will find lots of festivals related to Christmas in December. In Germany, around sixty markets are organized especially for this occasion.

The markets are full of food, music, stalls and full time excitement. Likewise, the markets for the celebration of Christmas are also set up in Paris. Special delights are arranged for rejoicing the occasion of Christmas. Above all, the festivals are celebrated in all the major parts of the world.

Harvest and Autumn Festivals

As December arrives, the Australians have a big event to celebrate. The festival is National Cherry Festival which is of peculiar importance especially to farmers. The reason is that this time this occasion will be commemorated another festival titled Australian Year of Farmer.

So, it will be a huge attraction for the farmers’ community in Australia. At the same time, French celebrate autumn festival to welcome the coming of a new season. Another festival of interest for the Germans is ChocolART Festival. It is a great delight for the chocolate lovers who can taste chocolates of various sorts here.

These are only a few festivals celebrated in the month of December.

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