There is countless number of festivals that get a chance to be celebrated in February. Festivals are a source of entertainment for people all around the world. They are celebrated with great zeal and zest. There are many festivals celebrated in the month of February.

Here some of them have been briefly described:

Seasonal New Year Events

While talking about the seasonal events of the month of February, we cannot forget to mention Chinese New Year. This event marks the excellent celebrations in view of the beginning of the moon year.

Festival of First Day is another big seasonal event that is celebrated by Vietnamese. It also is commemorated to cherish New Year celebrations. The color of spring can be felt from the very nature of these New Year festivals.

Winter Festivals

What is the best way to enjoy coldest weather? Chinese seem to know that by having their International Snow and Ice Festival. They create houses made up of snow and savor in icy accessories. The Canadians, however, busy themselves with their Winter Carnival.

It is an attempt to keep them warm in the face of chilly blows. Venice Carnival is another example of dealing with winter beautifully by commemorating a festival.

Harvest and Other Festivals

Pasola is Indonesian harvest festival that employs the use of spears by opposite teams. They have a fierce competition with each other causing chills to run down the spine. Argungu Fishing expedition is also here to give Nigerians a chance to enjoy seafood.

Another festival of great repute is St. Valentine’s Day. It is a day when the lover express their love for each other by sending each other cards, wishes etc. However, the Bolivians pride themselves in Oruro Carnival which is a way to showcase costumes and dances to cherish the season.

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