Festivals these days are so often celebrated around the world now that that most of them are no more considered to be confined to a particular geographical location or community.

Here are some of the festivals celebrated in the month of January:

Winter Leaps In!

The month of January accompanies chilly winds as a souvenir of winter with people preparing for multi-purpose festivals. The icy cold wind of this month leads Japanese to come out in the open and prepare for bonfire. This seasonal event is termed Yamayaki and attracts multitudes of people here.

Some people look at the moon calendar to celebrate their occasion of Mid-Autumn Moon Festival. They have a huge gathering in Taiwan where families gather around at a site and enjoy their celebrations.

The Flowery Occasions

January is not short of the beautiful flowery festivals like Cherry Blossom Festival, Spring Festival, Flora Egypt Fair and Southeastern Flower Show. These events are commemorated in Japan, China, Egypt and America respectively.

The people move out of their houses to view beautiful flower beds and bouquets arranged in sophisticated forms. It gives them a pleasure to look at these amazingly organized floral events.

Few Harvest Festivals

The Italians are never happy till they celebrate their very own Battle of the Oranges festival. They throw oranges at each other to share their joys at this season of oranges. However, Indians pride themselves in Pongal Festival to cherish the harvest season.

They are happy to sit at one place and have good meals, and sing and dance at the new harvest cutting. It represents their culture as well catching the eyes of people from various cultures. It is a big religious as well as traditional festival for the Indians as well.

There are many other festivals celebrated in the month of January.

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