September is a month of festivities all around the world. Many of these festivals are coincidentally global festivals. Thousands or even millions of people from all around the world are normally willing to travel to these particular festivals in the festival’s home country.

Among such famous September festivals, here are some particularly worthy of mentioning:

Boat Festivals

Get ready for a boat ride this September to enjoy yourself of the bounties of the season. In Italy, Historic Regatta, rowing race festival, is commemorated to welcome Cyprus King’s wife. A parade of rowers can be seen among the Grand Canal of Venice.

In the same season, Australians celebrate Henley-on-Todd Regatta, another rowing festival. The competition of boats is arranged among barefoot crews. It is particularly an interesting and enjoyable event for boat-fans.

Dancing Festivals

Swaziland is going to cherish its people by a Reed Festival this September. The average of 30,000 participants makes their way through the festival. The peculiar thing about this festival is that only women take part in it while dancing with reeds. The purpose of the festival is to search for potential partner for each woman.

While Swazis dance among reeds, English take part in Horn Dance. It is a festival which has its roots in an ancient rite. The horns of 7 to 11 kilograms are worn on heads while dancers show off their artistic skills.

Food Festivals

Chinese welcome the month of autumn with their unique festival. The people enjoy various delights to satisfy their sweet tooth. This festival is also known as Moon Cake Festival due to special treats offered by it.

At the same time, Irish busy themselves with taste of oysters through Galway Oyster Festival. It is a pleasant event for lovers of sea-food who can have oysters up to their fill.

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