Men will usually turn their attention only to the quality of football certain players provide on the field, but when it comes to their overall popularity, it is very important to have great looks, as it will enable you more space in commercials and attract more attention in general.

Cristiano Ronaldo is probably the best example of a handsome footballer, and when you look at him, it doesn’t strike you as weird for him to be on the top of the handsome footballers’ list. The Real Madrid player has been related to many girls, one of the most famous being Irina Shayk, and there were also some rumors that he might be gay.

Fernando Torres – We stay in Madrid for the next person on our handsome footballers’ list. He might not be always brilliant on the pitch, but Fernando Torres is breathtaking outside of it, especially if you ask your lady friends.

Gerard Pique – When it comes to beauty, the top three clubs in Spain each have their aces. The most handsome footballer of Barcelona is Gerard Pique, a reliable defender who has managed to win the heart of the Colombian singer Shakira. The couple is married and has two sons now.

Iker Casillas – Spaniards are beautiful men. Casillas, who currently plays for FC Porto, is among the handsome footballers according to many people, including Sara Carbonero, a famous Spanish sports journalist he is in a relationship with.

Robin Van Persie – Experienced Dutch striker made to this list once again. Although he is close to his retirement, he is equally beautiful as ten years ago and is a treat for all those who visit Fenerbahce S.K. games.

Mario Gotze – He might be the youngest on our list, but he qualifies as a handsome footballer. Apart from his beauty, people will remember the German by scoring that extra-time goal in the World Cup finals against Argentina.

Ricardo Kaka – A lot of people remember him during his younger years when he played for Milan and Real Madrid. Kaka is still a devoted Christian and is still as beautiful as he was then. He currently plays for Orlando City in the United States of America.

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