Thailand formerly known as Siam is a home to some amazing festivals. The country respects not only its citizens but also the animals living there. Songkran is the Buddhist New Year celebrated in Thailand in the month of April.

Thais have a unique way of celebrating this festival; they spray water everywhere and on everyone. In this festival, people throw water on each other through hoses, buckets and water guns. It is celebrated on the hottest day at the occasion of Thai New Year.

People wear colorful and light dresses to enjoy it more. People who visit Thailand on New Year also celebrate and enjoy Songkran a lot. Songkran lasts for three days during which life comes to a standstill as all the businesses, government offices, schools etc. are closed and those working in other cities return to their native towns to celebrate the New Year.

Water holds great significance and is considered a purifier which washes away misfortunes and bad luck. The houses are thoroughly cleaned before Songkran. People go to temples where the images of Buddha are bathed by pouring scented water from silver bowls.

After that it is water splashing time as young, old, priests, policemen, locals and foreigners are sprayed with water. You can see people armed with water guns, spray guns, hoses, bottles etc. throwing water on each other. This activity continues from dawn to dusk.

Besides merry making, there is a sober side to the festival as well. Thai youngsters sprinkle water onto the hands of their elders (parents and grandparents) as a mark of reverence.

The elders in turn bless them and wish them prosperity and good health. Monks are also presented with new robes. A Miss Songkran Beauty Contest and colorful parades are also a part of the festival.

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