The most coveted tournament for the national teams hailing from the football-obsessed region of South America, Copa America 2011 will be the 43rd tournament of this kind.

Stretching from the 1st of July to the 24th of July, South American football fans are in for some wonderful displays of their most celebrated sport, together with the usual drama and rumors that attach to any major tournament.

Adorned in their national colors of blue and yellow, the Brazilian football team will set foot on the field hoping to defend their last year’s title and hence extend their winning streak.

Will Brazil be able to hold firm to its Copa America title for another year following a dismal exit at last year’s World Cup hosted by South Africa?

Well, the Brazilians do have a strong midfield arrangement in the form of Lucio, Maicon, Thiago Silva, and Alves. The midfield and forward attack also appear promising with Jonas spearheading the attack as forwarding. Brazil’s most valuable asset Kaka will however not be showcasing his talent at this year’s Copa America, and that will come as a blow to an otherwise seemingly stable and balanced Brazilian side.

The two other teams most likely to showcase excellent performances and grab the trophy are the Argentinean football team and Uruguay. Both countries share the honor of clinching the title 14 times, which remains the most for any nation.

This year, Argentina has an immense advantage in the form of home ground. Added to that is the seemingly unstoppable Messi that Argentina cherishes as their most valuable asset, and rightly so.

Uruguay also has showcased immense potential in the past; two times world champions and semifinalists in the last World Cup, Uruguay may be well on its way to giving Brazil an upset this year.

Hence, it remains to be seen who will be crowned victor on the 24th of July 2011 at the Copa America 2011 final; yet, it appears fairly certain that unless a dark horse emerges, this year’s tournament will provide glory to either Brazil, Argentina or Uruguay.

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