Note: The statements on fasting may be exaggerated or misleading according to the latest scientific information.

Note: “sehr” and “aftar” are not English words.

Ramadan is by far the most special month of the year for Muslims throughout the world. The sacred scripture of Muslims, the Holy Quran, was revealed in Ramadan. Allah has prescribed fasting in this month for all Muslims.

When one is fasting, one has to give up all of those things which are otherwise lawful for him –for example, food and sex as well as those which are unlawful, of course, like back biting, lying, stealing, hurting others, etc. I believe that Ramadan comes every year to give us a crash course on how to live like human beings.

It helps us improve our mental, spiritual and physical well-being and shed the “burdens” we carry throughout the year. It replenishes the soul and empowers us, once again boosting our sense of self-control and dignity.

Physical health: It’s no secret what miracles fasting can do for our bodies! It relieves a burden off our digestive system and boosts the vigor of each and every cell contained in our bodies. Ramadan trains us to refrain from gluttony, a common cause of many life-threatening diseases, and cleanses our body from harmful toxins resulting from overeating.

Mental & Spiritual health: Ramadan gives us peace of mind. It teaches compassion, empathy and humility. It makes us realize what it is like to survive without food and water. In addition, we tend to become more conscious of other peoples’ problems and to count our blessings and show gratitude to Allah Almighty.

Ramadan also has a festive feel to it. Muslims from all over the world become united in spirit. Life is too fast nowadays and members of a family seldom get a chance to sit down and eat together. Ramadan provides an excellent opportunity for everyone to eat together at sehr and aftar.

Thus, the blessings and bounties of Ramadan are innumerable. As Muslims, we all should try to take maximum advantage of them and amend ourselves for the better while we can.

Ramadan comes every year to prepare us to control our desires whether we are rich or poor. If one has sufficient self-control and is always mindful of his Creator, he will not go astray even in the most difficult times. This is the beautiful message of Ramadan enclosed in dignity and faith!

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