Christianity is the second largest religion in the world, spreading across almost every continent on earth. In regard to both the religion and the culture there are plenty of festivals based on Christianity.

Most of these festivals are celebrated universally as well. The three most famous and important festivals in the Christian calendar would include:

  • Lent
  • Easter
  • Christmas

Of the three, the bottoms two are celebrated around the globe.


Lent isn’t as famous everywhere. It is more widely known among the European, Asian, and American populations. It is a special occasion beginning on the day of Ash Wednesday, the day after Shrove Tuesday; when most Christians (who celebrate) would go to the church and have the cross sign marked on their foreheads in ash. It’s a festival that leads up to the Easter season when rich foods would be eaten prior to the upcoming fasting activity.


Easter is the season in which Christians all over the world remember the burial and resurrection of Jesus after being crucified. In some places, Easter is a more important festival than Christmas itself.


Christmas is one of the largest religious festivals around the world, celebrated by billions on two different dates respectively. It is celebrated by people from across multiple cultures and social backgrounds. Christmas is also celebrated in various different ways around the world.

Among the most popular ways are:

  • Rich gatherings and foods by the Americans
  • Bonfires and special dances in Europe
  • Beach parties and outdoor barbecues in the Australasia and Asia

People in South America, including those from the northern countries such as Brazil and the like celebrate in ways that are similar to those practiced in the US, with rich foods and pastries. Poorer peoples may opt for lesser extravagances.

In most parts of Europe, particularly in the western regions, Christmas festivals are celebrated with dancing and miming as well as by going to church, which is something considered essential in some communities in northern Europe.

In Asia and Australasia, apart from going to churches, people also prefer evening parties with families and friends. It is a time when everyone gets to spend time together in Australia, Singapore, Japan, Philippines, and other countries.

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