There are various types of football games in this world, the two distinct and most famous being American football and English football. There are relatively no contacts in history in terms of both football types, although most believe that American football came from England or some other nation a long time ago.

The three most basic differences between the two would be as below.

English football or soccer is played around the world, almost in every single continent; whereas American football is only famous in North America and remains largely unpopular even in Canada, despite Canada being a Commonwealth country as well. The rationale is due to England’s occupation of other nations in the past, some claim.

Football in England has been international for more than a century. In light of that, tournaments are held between nations, two of the most famous being the World Cup and the Olympics. In England, the country itself is a participant in these tournaments, whereas, in America, there is no potential competitor in football for the US, except for maybe Canada in the inter-continental tournament.

Football in England is of the lesser extent in terms of hardcore playing. The rules ensure fair play without violence or even extreme use of force; whereas, in America, football is played quite violently with players even wearing full facial protection.

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