Arkansas is one of the most famous states in America when it comes to football, and among the very first Arkansas football teams was the Arkansas Cardinal, a few decades before other famous college sports teams came up from the same Arkansas University.

From that very establishment to date, there have been many milestones in Arkansas football history, the three most important being:

■ The change of name to Arkansas Razorbacks for the team of University of Arkansas,

■ The hiring of Frank Broyles in 1957 and victory against Nebraska, and

■ The winning of the National Football Championship in 1964.

Arkansas football had a lot in common with Nebraska and Texas football teams, especially in the yesteryears when each was trying to triumph the other perennially. Apart from that, their wild playing had also won them their current name, which was voted for after the victorious season in 1910.

The hiring of Frank Broyles in 1957 was very important in Arkansas football history, especially with the fact that he had successfully led to the 1964 National Championship victory and many others in his 19 years with the state university’s football team. As for the Championship itself, it is so far the only National award the state has received in terms of football.

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