The state of Alabama is very famous for football as we know, so is the city of Auburn. With a successful Auburn football team, the city has always maintained a good name in the NCAA thus far.

And with over a century-old history behind, there are plenty of important recollections for the Auburn football team, which would include:

• The first bowl appearance in 1936,

• Recognition as the 14th best college football program in history in 2006, and

• Their 30th victory in the conference matchups in 2008.

The Auburn Tigers football team is the key player, representing Auburn from the Auburn University in the Western Division of the Southeastern Conference as we know; and is responsible for the above victories. The team first appeared in the Bacardi Bowl in Havana, Cuba in 1936, some four decades after their first football game.

In 2006, in recognition of their glorious victories throughout the century, the College Football Research Center had listed the Auburn football team as the 14th best college football program in history. Their 30th victory a few months back in 2008 was also important in keeping up with the recognition, as only 12 matchups were lost in the course of success. So these dates are all important.

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