Religion is an abstract form of control over social lifestyle and responsibilities, a belief within oneself which connects the person and God. This is common to all religions. There are many reasons behind one’s religious beliefs and lack of religious beliefs.

At this point in the 21st century, there are reasons as to why people should know more about religion and its festivals. Some of those reasons:

  • religion builds the unity among similar people through rules and social festivals
  • religious festivals and events are intended for ‘togetherness’
  • religious teachings form a basis for social lifestyle

Without actually referring to any religion in particular, the main factor behind the widespread acceptance of all religions was their message. That message is mainly to build unity among similar people. Islam was formed to unite the people of the Arab lands, likewise Hindu was formed to unite and organize the people of the Indus Valley and northern India.

On the other hand, religious festivals and events are mostly intended to bring people from various backgrounds together under the same umbrella. Religious teachings are taught in elementary schools to cultivate strength in a good discipline towards every purpose in life.

There are plenty of festivals around the world that transcend certain boundaries and integrate social messages and extreme fun. Some of these festivals are mistakenly labeled as being against religion. Such festivals and events take place quite often.

Top 3 Famous Festivals Mistakenly alleged for being against Religion

  • The Global Peace Festival
  • LGBT Festivals in the US
  • Nakba-60 Palestinian Festival

The above festivals are held for their own respective purposes, resulting in their being labeled as against religion by some. The Global Peace Festival for example, is conventionally held to bring people from various backgrounds together for world peace. It has, however, been labeled as being anti-Christ for claiming “One Family under God”.

The LGBT Festivals in the US are often labeled as being in conflict with various religions. The Nakba-60 Palestinian Festival, also quite famous in the US for the past 2 years or so, is intended to celebrate Israel’s 60th anniversary from the viewpoint of Palestinians.

This festival is also sometimes labeled as being against the religion of Judaism. The conflict is rather internal though, as seen in turn of time.

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