Since the inception of the Gold Cup tournament in 1991 the most successful national footballing teams from this area, have been the teams from the USA and Mexico, sharing between them all but one Gold Cup win.

Canadian national football team attained alone win in the tournament in 2000. Only five countries from two other countries from this region have reached the finals of the Gold Cup competition – Panama and Costa Rica. Mexico and the USA also dominate the list of CONCACAF nations that have attained berths at FIFA World Cups.

Costa Rica, Honduras, and El Salvador football teams have all competed at the FIFA World Cup multiple times, while Cuba, Haiti, Canada, Jamaica, and Trinidad, and Tobago football teams have all participated in a single World Cup tournament each.

These ten nations also make up 10 of the 11 nations which have competed in the continental Gold Cup competition and the CONCACAF Championships which preceded it, the most number of times. Guatemala is the additional country to make the list.

According to the FIFA World Rankings (As of 18/05/2011) the top ten national football teams from this region currently is the USA (22), Mexico (28), Honduras (43), Jamaica (55), Costa Rica (56), Panama (67), Canada (76), Cuba (81), El Salvador (87), with Trinidad and Tobago (95) making the list just ahead of Haiti (96) with one spot.

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