Football games on PC are known to be quite addictive, especially with their nature of being close to reality and practicality.

There are hundreds of such small-time and high-rated commercial football games for PC, but not all areas famous as these top three;

• The NFL series from EA Games,

• The Football Mogul,

• The FIFA Games series.

EA Games are naturally known for their mimicry of reality in their games (except for the cartoonish humans in the Need for Speed series perhaps), and true to form, the Madden NFL, NFL Head Coach, and other games from EA are quite comparable to PS3 game standards; enlivening the enthusiasm of American football fans every year.

The Football Mogul, although fairly smaller in production as compared to other games in the niche, is extremely popular in the pirated market, evidently showing its indirect share of the pie.

The FIFA games on the other hand are practically played by every soccer fan around the world and are updated every year for a newer season and better playing techniques. Among the many above, the Madden NFL series is the most prominent in giving a player the ‘true football experience’ via EA’s unique field of vision technologies.

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