There have been tens, or probably even hundreds of football movies (B rated included) in the past two decades or so, but not all made it to the fans like the few we’re about to see herein.

Namely, three football movies of all times have so far planted their foothold in respect of this, which would unquestionably include:

■ ‘Jerry Maguire’,

■ ‘Remember the Titans’

■ ‘Brian’s Song’.

The story behind ‘Jerry Maguire’, starring Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger, revolved largely around a football agent resurrecting his lost career while staying true to himself with the company of his player Rod. The movie is also famous for its two catchphrases; “You had me at hello” and “Show me the money!” which turned out to be evergreen to date.

‘Remember the Titans’ on the other hand, starred Denzel Washington and told the true story of Coach Herman Boone who forced integration on his football team in thinning the lines between friendship and loyalty.

‘Brian’s Song’ (the original 1971 version), among the most famous football movies of all time, revolved around another true story involving two teammates who overcome their obstacles in becoming true friends, especially after one gets diagnosed with cancer halfway through.

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