There are thousands of famous football players all around the world, coming from various inter-continental football teams and national teams; some of which are universally recognized and cherished by millions of fans.

Among others, the most famous three football players this time round would include;

• Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid,

• Ronaldinho from AC Milan, and

• Kaka from Real Madrid

The first two need no mentioning as their names go along with fame in any part of the world. Kaka on the other hand is highly reputable in the football world, yet very much understated in many peoples’ eyes.

Cristiano Ronaldo came under the limelight at a young age and has thus far redefined wingers and their ‘real’ position in the game by his quick pace and trickery. Ronaldinho, a Brazilian footballer is known not only for his ‘grinning’ at all times but also for his position in being the best player on the pitch who could scare the life out of any defender.

Kaka on the other hand is simply the best player in town who combines Brazilian flair with European directness in his playing. Kaka is also known for his conservative religious views on personal life through representation via t-shirts and his wedding style.

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