Football frenzy comes quite often all year round, but as a whole, a football fan would always have a particular club in mind to cherish, although that club doesn’t necessarily have to be active at all material times.

Talking about famous football clubs, it’s worth mentioning the top five clubs in the world as well, and to your surprise; not all would be what you’ve been expecting.

The top five football clubs in the world would thus be:

■ Real Madrid from Europe,

■ The New York Giants from America,

■ Manchester United from Europe,

■ Barcelona from Europe and

■ Washington Redskins from America.

A glance through the above list reveals a mix of both soccer and American football, but undeniably, that’s how things have so far been mixed up. Real Madrid from Spain is probably one of the most famous and powerful soccer teams in the world, having a line of popular and good players.

The New York Giants and the Washington Redskins from the US are both famous for American football, with the latter ruling the top of the popularity charts all around. Manchester United on the other hand is extremely famous for its expense of aficionado territories, while Barcelona from Spain is famous for their extremely good playing skills.

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