IFK Goteborg football club has a strong and able squad that can perform on any stage in the world and come out on top; although the club has been unable to reclaim its past form and has not won a single trophy since the 2008/09 season, the players present at the club have proved their mettle and shown their commitment and hunger to win trophies.

The top five players of the IFK Goteborg football club are all top-class players who have remarkable skill and talent which allows them to produce standout performances and help the club succeed.

Leading the line of such distinguished players is Swedish international Tobias Hysen of IFK Goteborg FC who plays as a striker and has scored an impressive tally of 41 goals in 95 appearances for the club which shows the talent of the player.

Stefan Selakovic is another player worthy of praise in the side as he has played 130 matches for the club, scoring 25 goals, and has helped the club win many trophies. The third-best player of the Blavitt is Hjalmar Jonsson who is a vital part of the team having spent 9 years, playing as a defender. He has scored 5 goals in 158 appearances.

1) Tobias Hysen.

2) Stefan Selakovic.

3) HjalmarJonsson.

4) Jakob Johansson.

5) Adam Johansson.

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