Soccer is the only game that boasts of a worldwide following, a large and addictive fan base, and lucrative injections of finance. There is no doubt that soccer has the best forms of sponsorship, not forgetting the universal team of players that play in different clubs across the continents.

There is one stunning thing about soccer players heavily reap from their talents. A look at some of the players will tell you that there are millionaires who live football.

Here is the list of the top five best earning soccer players who bagging lucrative monies from their boots of soccer.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a big name, not only in La Liga but the whole sport of football. Currently playing for Real Madrid, the Portuguese is one of the massive talents in the world of football. Having bagged several awards alongside his salary, he is one of the highly paid players in the global arena. Cristiano also played for the world’s biggest clubs such as Manchester United, leaving behind a mark that is not so easy for one to beat. Currently earning a salary of $73 million each year, the Portuguese is, by all means, one of the millionaires in the world’s sporting industry.

Lionel Messi is another of the big guns in the soccer industry. Coming on top as one of the highest-earning players in La Liga, the Argentinian national has made a name for himself not only by bagging big money but also scoring miraculous goals. He carries the envy of many players who wish to ever make a similar mark. Messi bags $62 million every year with more than sixty percent of it being the wages he receives from his current club, Barcelona. The remainder of the money comes from his endorsements with the sponsors.

PSG’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic is the nest up of the highest-paid footballers in recent times. Known for his capability to shoot dangerously from his half, he was recently crowned as the player of the year for his team, Paris Saint Germain. He is a start that has been rising over the years, playing for the world’s biggest soccer clubs among them Barcelona, Juventus, Milan before settling at PSG. He earns an annual salary of forty-one million US dollars, out of which his sporting wages account for thirty-six million dollars.

Gareth Bale comes forth as one of the world’s top five best-paid soccer players. Playing for Real Madrid, he is also a crucial element of his Wale’s national team. His sporting star rose to fame at Southampton when he was playing on the left-back, sequentially rising to claim his position as one of the best free-kick shooters of his time. He recently played for Tottenham Hotspurs before making a giant move to Real Madrid, one of the best clubs in Spain. He earns a salary of up to $37 million, with his sporting club paying him over twenty-five million dollars for his salary every year.

RadamelFalcao seems a new name to the list of the best earning soccer players in the world, playing for Manchester United. The Colombian is a dangerous striker not only for his club but also for his national team. Formerly playing for Monaco, the Colombian saw his transfer to Manchester United doubled his wages to bring him to the five best-paid players of the world. 

He earns a net total of $35.4 million a year, out of which Manchester united pays 33 million as his wages on the field.

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