R.S.C. Anderlecht football club is one of the most famous clubs in Belgium, playing in the First Division “Belgian Pro League” since 1935-36. The club is number 12 in the all-time list of UEFA club competition winners and ranked 45th in the 2010 UEFA team standings.

Anderlecht football club possesses an epic history of producing the greatest players ever. They are one of the finest teams in Europe with many talented and technical players in the current squad of the 2010/11 season.

The 27 years old striker, Romelu Menama Lukaku, scored 19 goals last season and is the top goal scorer for Anderlecht for this 2010/11 on-going season with 16 goals in 38 appearances in all the competitions.

The 22-year-old Argentine striker, Matias Ezequiel is also one of the Anderlecht best players to be closely watched for this season. The striker scored 11 goals in the last Anderlecht Pro League season and successfully scored 6 goals so far in the current season.

In the midfield area, the 23-year-old Jonathan Legear is the main strength of Anderlecht. The Belgian has successfully scored 5 goals this season and had 4 goals for last season. With him, Guillaume Gillet is sharing the midfield position with already three goals for this season.

The top 10 players of R.S.C. Adnerlecht for 2010-11 season are:

1- Romelu Menama Lukaku (Belgium), Attacker

2- Matias Ezequiel Suarez (Argentina), Attacker

3- Jonathan Legear (Belgium), Midfielder

4- Tom De Sutter (Belgium), Attacker

5- Rubenilson dos Santos da Rocha (Brazil), Attacker

6- Guillaume Gillet (Belgium), Midfielder

7- Roland Juhasz (Hungary), Defender

8- SachaKljestan (United States), Midfielder

9- MarcinWasilewski (Poland), Defender

10- OndejMazuch (Czech Republic), Defender

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