Festivals carry cultural significance and are organized so to celebrate unique aspects of the communities or their culture.

Two of the most colorful festivals in the world are:

  • The Sinulog Festival celebrated in the Philippines
  • The Sankranthi Festival in South India

Sinulog Festival in the Philippines

The Sinulog Festival in the Philippines is celebrated the third Sunday of the month of January every year. It is one of the grandest festivals in the Philippines, wherein people can dance joyously and in colorful ways. For 32 years now, this festival has been celebrated to give honor to the patron saint of Cebu, the Santo Niño.

Festivities are comprised of dance rituals and ceremonies that recall the time when the religion of Christianity was embraced by the Filipinos. Apart from the dance rituals and ceremonies, the festival also features colorful displays of street dancing. Participants in the festival wear costumes of bright colors as they dance to the music of drums, native gongs, and trumpets.

Sankranthi Festival in South India

Sankranthi Festival or Pongal in South India is a famous and colorful festival. It takes place in the middle of January every year. It is a 4-day celebration that is popular among farmers who harvest and enjoy their crops.

The first day of celebration is known as the “Bhogi”; the second day is called the “Sankranthi”; and the third day is the “Kanuma”. A month before the festival, women decorate their front porches with attractive floral designs known as the “muggulu”.

A display of various toys and dolls is also seen during the time of the festival. It is known as the “bommal koluvu”. Since Sankranthi is one of the most colorful festivals in all of India, people celebrate it with plenty of fun, galore, zest, and enthusiasm.

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