Most men end up buying gifts which although make a big hole in their pockets, seldom touch the lady’s heart. A good present need not be expensive; it must be romantic and thoughtful. Following are a few suggestions to end the dilemma you are facing right now as Valentine’s Day is just round the corner.

The most romantic and best gift by far is a bouquet of long stemmed red roses along with a box of her favorite chocolates. These two gift items express your feelings more eloquently than a thousand sweet words; although a hand written card from you will add a personal touch.

Jewelry items also make an appropriate gift. Heart shaped rings and pendants are especially designed for Valentine’s Day. A diamond ring is a good gift but today’s woman prefers something new, something more personalized like her birthstone set in a ring.

Most birthstones are semiprecious stones and are less expensive, to add glamour, you can get a ring or a pendant with her birthstone set in a cluster of diamonds. A ring is a sign of commitment and is sure to make her happy. For the more practical women, you can choose a beautiful wrist watch from a range of designer wrist watches.

Perfume is a sensual and tasteful gift your wife/girlfriend will like. You can also get her a makeup kit especially the one endorsed by her favorite celebrity. Crystal pieces and candles also make a nice gift.

Best thing you can do is to take her out to a romantic candle light dinner. But make a reservation beforehand to avoid disappointment. A gift selected with her preferences in mind not only portrays your love but also shows that you understand her as well.

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