Elisabeth Judson Shue is a popular producer and actress of United States of America. She was born on 6th October, 1963 in Delaware.

She gained popularity for her roles in famous Hollywood movies “The Karate Kid”, “Back to the Future Part II”, “Adventures in Babysitting” and “Cocktail”. She is the recipient of 5 prestigious movie awards and the winner of nominations for Academy, Golden Globe and BAFTA Awards.

Career Highlights

Popular Hollywood actress Elisabeth Shue started as a commercial model, appearing in a number of commercials for Burger King and DeBeers Diamonds.

She appeared in her debut movie titled “The Karate Kid” in 1984, followed by a role in “Call to Glory” and “Link” in the following years. She earned her first leading role in the movie titled “Adventures in Babysitting”, which paved her way to appear in a leading role with Tom Cruise in “Cocktail”.

In 1991, she joined Sally Field in a comedy movie titled “The Marrying Movie”, before appearing another leading role in “Back to the Future Part II and III”.

In 1995, she earned a role opposite Nicolas Cage in “Leaving Las Vegas”, which proved to be a commercial and critical success. Elisabeth Shue earned the Saturn Award nomination for best actress for her second movie titled “Link”, helping her career to take off smoothly.

The major breakthrough in her career came in the movie titled “Leaving Las Vegas”, for which she earned her first Academy Award nomination, Chicago Film Critics Association Award for Best Actress and many other awards.

In her career, she appeared in some commercially successful movies like “Cocktail”, “Hollow Man”, “Back to the Future Part II” and “The Marrying Man”, to name only a few.

Top Ten Movies of Elisabeth Shue:

⦁ The Karate Kid
⦁ Link
⦁ Cocktail
⦁ Back to the Future Part II
⦁ Back to the Future Part III
⦁ Blind Justice
⦁ Leaving Las Vegas
⦁ The Trigger Effect
⦁ Hollow Man
⦁ Gracie

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