The desi public was really looking forward to Eid-ul-Fitr this year. Not only due to the fact that it was the first proper Eid without masks and restrictions since the past two years but also because families got to enjoy Pakistani cinema once again. It is no doubt that the Pakistani cinema focuses on releasing its biggest hits of the year during Eid and this year was no different with four movies to choose from. However, one can argue that not all movies that were released hit the mark and there were some misses as well. Movies Review 2022

Ghabrana Nahi Hai:

The story focuses on social issues such as land grabbing and how the rich easily exploit the poor in this country without facing any repercussions. The Saba Qamar, Zahid Ahmad, Nayyar Ijaz, and Syed Jibran starrer had a solid plot which kept the audience hooked till the very last minute. The screenplay, dialogues, and story were met with raving reviews and many people expressed that the pandemic wait for Ghabrana Nahi Hai was worth it! The movie was also appreciated for keeping the female character Zubaida as the main protagonist and it is no doubt that Saba Qamar carried the whole movie with her fellow male actors executing their supporting roles really well. Zahid Ahmad and Syed Jibran’s timing and dialogue was applauded by critics. Another notable positive were the subtle hints throughout the movie such as the colour palate of Zubaida’s clothes moving from sober to bold colours just as she gained more confidence throughout the movie. With all the positive points, the movie was criticized for its lacking music and its embarrassing choreography. However, the overall direction and production made its mark and Ghabrana Nahi Hai was considered one of the hits during this Eid and a movie worth its money. The movie’s cast did a brilliant job bringing the new and well-written storyline to life. Movies Review 2022

Parde Mein Rehne Do:

The Hania Aamir and Ali Rehman starrer is perhaps one of the shortest and to the point Pakistani movies till now. With only a screen time of ninety minutes, the movie manages to bring light on male impotency and how it is perceived in the desi society. Moreover, using humor, the desi craze over pressurizing newly married couples to have children is also highlighted. Starting with the positives, the movie delivered a short and cute love story of Nazzo and Shaani, a couple who marries in secret. Shaani’s parents refuse to accept Nazzo until she brings a child in their son’s life. Nazzo, advised by a friend gets some test done to confirm whether she is the reason why they cannot have children. When her reports come back clear, she asks her husband to get his tests done as well. Refusing to do so at first as his ego is hurt Shanni believes his masculinity is being questioned. Shaani who can no longer take his wife being cross with him, gets the tests done. He then finds out he is impotent and tries a number of ways from going to different doctor to trying desi online totkas to fix this but does not tell his family members as he is ashamed. What follows next are a series of events till the truth finally comes out and Ali Rehman delivers a heartbreaking monologue on what being a man is touching the hearts of many. However, the up to the mark acting and storyline aside, the movie does include dialogues that include hurtful and unnecessary jokes that were not well met and were not well-timed either. Movies Review 2022


A refreshing narrative to the family and relationship oriented Pakistani movies is of Chakkar. Yasir Nawaz’s murder mystery revolves around the lives of identical twin sisters played by Neelam Muneer where one of them ends up getting murdered. In the true Pakistani dramatic style, one of the sister’s is spoilt and an actress. The other sister is a simple housewife who just wants to please her hotheaded husband played by Ahsan Khan. Yasir Nawaz himself plays the detective inspecting the murder and the storyline and acting leaves the audience mostly entertained. Although the movie did bring in a refreshing storyline, it did not meet the mark of a good movie in many ways. Neelam Muneer’s acting was criticized for being inconsistent throughout the film and as she was a pivotal character, that did seem like a huge let down. Moreover, awkward and poorly executed dance numbers left the audience feeling awkward themselves where the choreography was negatively criticized. The movie tried bringing in comedy by having a token funny character but that to seemed unnecessary with the storyline that was being shown. The only saving grace of the movie were the last 30 minutes when the pace was finally picked up. If that had been the case throughout perhaps this review would have been different. A big negative was the dull lighting and same background music throughout the first half of the movie leaving the audience bored. Movies Review 2022

Dum Mastam:

While the other Eid releases fell short on the choreography and songs, Dum Mastam proved to be the total opposite. Dum Mastam is a love story that focuses on the arts with Amar Khan and Imran Ashraf in the lead roles. The movie from the very start establishes that the lead characters are at odds with one another. Ashraf is head over heels over Amar Khan’s character but the latter does not feel the same and wants to focus on her career as a dancer. However, the storyline felt repetitive after a while when the two leads would argue over the same problems in the first half with poor punchlines but their acting was a saving grace which left the audience still interested in the movie. Dum Mastam deals with the misconceptions that come with joining the entertainment industry and shows how one can stay true to themselves and not change even after becoming popular. Moreover, the supporting characters stole the show with Sohail Ahmed, Uzma Beg, and Momin Saqib all portraying their roles well. Movies Review 2022

Final Verdict:

It can be said that though each movie did have some let downs, it was nice to once again go out and explore the world of Pakistani cinema with family and friends this Eid.

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