Digital Marketing Pakistan

Internet and mobile devices have strengthened marketing. Innovative digital media and social marketing trends have been established in the first semester of 2018, and many of them have been cemented in the industry with considerable staying power. Social media and digital marketing can be considered trends themselves, as they represent a creative and effective way to make some items and products known to the audience by using tools and resources available, like Internet and mobile devices. There are, however, movements and trends within digital media and social marketing. Some of them are:


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is gaining more and more steam in the digital world with each year that passes by. Companies are now aware of the advantages of being ‘visible’ in the digital world and act accordingly. Optimizing content to accommodate to the user’s preferences can lead to more visitors, and more visitors is good for a website’s business, no matter the field. Search engine optimization is one of the most important trends in digital marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Marketers have correctly identified the digital world as their niche. Internet can really impulse a firm or a company, and a strong social media campaign is very important to engage millions of users around the world into using or preferring a certain or specific brand. Old advertising and billboards are staying behind in the rear mirror, and digital platforms are now companies’ preferred resources to reach thousands of people at the same time. Social media outlets like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter allow businesses to interact with potential customers, understand their needs and desires and let them know about the latest products, all in one platform.

Paid search marketing, for example Google AdWords Pay Per Click

Paid publicity and advertising is still used, but it has migrated to the Internet: the digital world is now home of paid ads, working under a pay – per – click measurement system. Google AdWords has, thus, become a useful tool for online publicity.

Internet of things

Connectivity is all around us, and one of the trends in the digital and social marketing world is the famous ‘Internet of things’, a tool that allows humans interact with ‘smart’ devices to offer solutions to everyday situations while offering unique features.

Snapchat up, Twitter down

While Twitter remains a useful social media network and it is highly unlikely to disappear in the near future, the need for more interactive experiences have made Snapchat’s popularity to go up and Twitter’s to dwindle.

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