Here are four keys to conducting research for thesis writing.

Choose topic carefully
In order to write a thesis, you need to first undertake a research. This research has to be undertaken carefully so that you could write a flawless thesis. Any flaw in the research would be reflected in the written document. Your topic of research should be of your interest otherwise you would get bored by it gradually. Just do not let anybody impose his choice upon you if you do not feel comfortable about it yourself.

Conduct extensive literature review
Your literature review must be extensive and should contain careful analysis of the articles. The articles must be taken from an authentic source or a journal directory. Do not only summarize the material contained in the articles, but also critically analyze it. Be careful about the referencing of the sources collected for the literature review.

Do proper field work
For thesis writing, pay special attention to field work. You need to go to field to collect data for the research work. So make special preparations for the field work and do not go unprepared. You should be able to have the right skills to know how to ask questions from the research participants. Establish rapport with the participants and politely request them to take part in the research.

Data analysis
Try to analyze the data of your research properly. Use the latest version of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) to analyze the data. Be careful about proper data entry in SPSS and take help from an expert, if needed. You can assign this job to freelance writer who is expert in data entry job.

Format properly
Do not neglect the formatting of your thesis and stick to the recommended formatting style. Take help form an expert to ensure the appropriate formatting of your thesis.

These simple keys will help you in conducting your research for quality thesis writing.

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