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5 Keys to Give an Excellent Start to Academic Writing.

Many people do not discriminate well between an ordinary writing and academic writing. If you do not know what the things which make academic writing unique are, read the pointers given here:

1.      Write In Third Person

Do not just start with expressions like ‘we’ and ‘I’ when you are up on an academic paper. Be as must formal in writing as you can! Avoid any informal expressions which you use in your daily life. Try to write everything in third person. It is better to use sentences like: ‘It was decided by the management…’, or ‘The researcher found in this study…’ etc. Avoid sentences like: ‘I decided to go for it…’ or ‘I saw that this study…’
2.      Cite Appropriately

Keep in mind that academic writing is not an ordinary writing piece in which you can say anything. You need to provide a reference for any data you include in the assignment. Do include the writer’s second name with year while referring in-text. Follow APA, Harvard or any other citation style depending upon your needs.

3.      Enhance Your Vocabulary

For producing an academic paper, make sure you have a good vocabulary. Keep a dictionary with you to find meanings of difficult words. Use appropriate words as word choice is very important in academic writing.

4.      Be Objective

Do not give biased opinions while writing an academic paper. Make an objective analysis of the situation or topic given to you. Refrain from giving personal opinions unless asked. Your tone must be neutral and objective always!

5.      Be Responsible

Remember whatever you write is your responsibility! Do not give any inaccurate information to the readers. So make sure that you have genuine resources of journal articles or research papers. Use facts and figures appropriately throughout the paper.

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