writing tutorial

Tutorial writing can be a tricky job, especially for the beginners. Follow these keys to improve greatly at it.

Use simple words

Simplicity always attracts people who are seeking ease in every area of life. By using difficult words, you cannot make yourself appear a more learned fellow. Well, you need to be good at picking simple and easy words for writing. Surprisingly, I have myself found it more difficult to write an article in easy language than in difficult language. So, strive for simple words and make it convenient for the reader to understand your tutorial.

Proofread what you write

When you cook a meal and put all ingredients in it, what if you missed one? No problem! Well, what if you forgot to taste the meal and serve it to your guest to find that salt is missing? It sounds terrible, right? So, proofreading is like tasting of salt in your meal. You cannot present your writing to the client without ensuring everything is right in it or not.

Use step by step approach in your tutorial

It is always easy to explain something if you are well-organized in your mind. First make yourself clear about the topic; then start describing it in careful steps. Your steps must not be exhaustive and clarify each little step well before proceeding to the next step. Take substantial amount of time in sharing the details of each single step.

Tell the readers what you have for them

You need to convey to the readers the purpose behind your tutorial writing. You can explain it to them once you yourself are aware of it fully. After knowing the purpose, write few lines about the significance of the topic. Tell your readers what they will learn through this particular tutorial. In this way, you will get a chance to prepare the readers’ mind about what they will undergo.

Use images and examples

Support your text with lots of relevant examples and adorn it with related images for the great appeal.

Following these keys can make you improve your tutorial writing skills.

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