5 Trends of Digital and Social Media Marketing to Look Forward to in 2018.

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With the increasing indulgence of social media in our lives business community too has resolved to the use of digital and social media for marketing. It doesn’t matter that the branding was on stone or was done using some augmented reality techniques, all that matters is the good content. It is rightfully said that “If your branded content doesn’t resonate with your targeted audience, you have failed”. The trick to ace at it is the use of modern approaches of being human. Here are the 5 trends that ContentCreatorZ sought for you to look forward to in 2018:

  1. Video Content

The “8th annual Social Media Marketing Industry” report says that 60% of the social media marketers used video content and 73% of the responders were willing to use it in future also. This clearly means that the video marketing is eating up social media.

  1. Chat Bots

They can make real time interaction with the customers and solve their problems without delays. They make 24/7 availability of service possible and respond way faster than human support.

  1. Paid Yet Personalized Content

This at the first glance may seem not worth investing. As millions of businesses have now resorted to social media for marketing, there is ever increasing noise of the content. This makes the user frustrated instead of being attracted. So, a minimal payment and the security of only relevant content is surely bound to touch customer’s nerves.

  1. User Generated Content

According to “Global Trust in Advertising” report 66% of the consumers trust the opinions of other consumers posted online and 46% trusted the online advertisements. But simply posting a happy Instagram picture of the satisfied customer wouldn’t be enough, instead companies will move towards the user generated content as their new online marketing strategy.

  1. Ephemeral Content

The recent and fast adoption of the story feature, of snapchat, by both Facebook and Instagram indicates that people want coming back for more. The historical evergreen content (that can be reproduced) is not the answer now, instead companies will be creating such content that urges the user to come back and demand more.

The advancement in social media has thus made everyone finger crossed and excitedly waiting for the trends of this year and ContentCreatorZ has solved the problem for you.

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